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Why Twitter's IPO Was Really A Failure

On its first trading day as a public company, Twitter’s stock ended up failing most investors who purchased the stock during the day and held it to the close. Moreover, Twitter is a long shot as a successful long term buy and hold.On Wednesday evening, November 6, Twitter set its offer price at $26 a share for the fortunate few subscribing investors. The next morning, Twitter’s stock opened at $45.10, peaked at $50.09 a share, and closed at $44.90, slightly below the opening price. No investor who bought the stock yesterday and held it to the end of the day came out ahead.For my money, the best source of historical information about IPOs is

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09 Nov
Forbes Tech News @ForbesTech
Why Twitter's IPO was really a failure. http://t.co/Uzh6qbECaR