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Why The Visual Web Is A Billion Dollar Trend


Pinterest's latest funding round boosts its total valuation to $3.8 billion, a number that might strike you as excessive for a social network that basically amounts to a virtual scrapbook.But not if you’ve been paying attention to the Visual Web. This year, several image-heavy networks have been valued at or sold for $1 billion or more, almost like clockwork.In early 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for the then mind-boggling price of $1 billion, a shocking twist ReadWrite described as akin to “winning the lottery.” Tech bloggers everywhere speculated that Mark Zuckerberg was naively overpaying. Then in May, Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion.

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26 Oct
ReadWrite @RWW
Instagram. Tumblr. Now Pinterest. Here’s why the Visual Web is a billion dollar bet. http://t.co/rJcW6IeIK4
25 Oct
Ronald Gruia @rgruia
Why The Visual Web Is A Billion Dollar Trend – ReadWrite http://t.co/S7hvDkUalg