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The Real Price of a Smartphone

iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone: Is any cheaper? The answer might surprise you. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This week, Apple announced 2 new devices: one to mark the high end of its offering and a new cheaper option one. But how cheap is really cheap? And how does it compare, price-wise, to other phones?In order to assess the real prices of smartphones, I compiled a list of phones that were available on the 4 major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile) in the US market and, as a point of reference, I checked the price of similar devices with no carrier lock as offered on Amazon. For each device, I went with the cheapest option available on

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14 Sep
Forbes Tech News @ForbesTech
Here is the real price of a smartphone http://t.co/0ABVaN0VMG