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The New iPad Air vs. The Old New iPad


In step with new announcements for Macs and a fresh version of the iPad mini, Apple has refreshed its core line of 9.7-inch iPads. The newest iteration of the tablet that started it all boasts some big changes, and even a new name—one that doesn't drive us bonkers this time. Meet the iPad Air, Apple's fifth generation full-size iPad.As the technical specifications suggest, what's new here is mainly skin deep—rather, aluminum deep. Apple's main focus with the iPad Air is exactly what its naming hints: it's really, really light. The new flagship Apple tablet has rightfully earned its place (and moniker) next to Apple's featherweight MacBook Air

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22 Oct
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The New iPad Air Vs. The Old New iPad http://t.co/PRKS2fq5gA by @tayhatmaker