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Thank Goodness: The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Now Works With More Than One Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was a great idea—notifications and calls without having to pull your phone out of a bag!—that has been positively pillared for its lack of compatibility across different devices and apps. In particular, at launch the deviceonly worked with one phone (the Samsung Galaxy Note III), and there’s a good chance it won’t work with the calendar and email apps that you’re used to using.Today, Samsung announced that a software upgrade will allow the Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy S III phones to play nice with the Gear. Samsung also announced that three more phones—the Galaxy S Active, Galaxy Mega, and Galaxy

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28 Oct
Forbes Tech News @ForbesTech
The Samsung Galaxy Gear now works with more than one phone http://t.co/pitGNisz2C