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Telus is ready for the Nexus 5

Our Canadian pals at Mobile Syrup (hi, pals!) have scored a few likely Nexus 5 renders thanks to the carrier Telus. Revamped launcher, tweaked icons — certainly nothing we wouldn't expect in the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKit release. Nice to see it all coming together, though.And if you look carefully, you'll note there are four full bars in the Wifi indicator, and four full bars in the cellular signal. Plus, the time is listed as 8:40. Add together all those digits and you've got 20. Plus, given that Canadians prefer 24-hour clocks to the 12-hour a.m./p.m. thing we use here in the states, it's safe to divide things in half and round up the remainder.

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17 Oct
Droid @Droid
Looks like Telus is ready for the Nexus 5 http://t.co/Hn0olTLPwQ via @androidcentral #Android
17 Oct
Android Central @androidcentral
Telus is ready for the Nexus 5 http://t.co/whNy5aWrYl #android