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Road-Tested Travel Apps

I pride myself on being a light packer. But unless I’m traveling by car, no matter how little I bring on vacation, I wind up wishing I had packed less. By the time I have wheeled my roll aboard through airport security and to the gate, it feels like I am hauling a steamer trunk.Starting two years ago on a trip to Tibet, I substantially lightened my load by leaving my laptop at home and relying on what was then a newly-acquired Apple Apple iPad as my sole means of staying connected (see “A Financial Advice Wonk Falls For The iPad“). Since then my husband and I have shed yet more baggage by using a variety of apps, run on an iPad or iPhone, instead

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11 Sep
Forbes Tech News @ForbesTech
Travel Tech: Road-Tested Travel Apps http://t.co/w3DKulddbD #BestOf