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Oppo May Release First CyanogenMod Phone

OPPO N1 - Trailer #5 - YouTube

Just a few days ago, CyanogenMod revealed that they have gone legit and became a company after receiving a cool $7 million in funding. A new teaser video posted to Oppo’s YouTube account points to a possible team-up with CyanogenMod which could bring about the first CyanogenMod phone, manufactured by Oppo.The video shows CyanogenMod co-founder Steve Kondik equipped with Google Glass delivering a quick, 20 second message. Kondik says to the camera, “I’m looking forward to attending the Oppo event in Bejing. We have exciting news ahead.” The screen fades to black, then displays text reading “Oppo N1. Possibilities unfold on September 23.”Sounds

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20 Sep
IntoMobile @IntoMobile
Oppo May Release First CyanogenMod Phone http://t.co/jH2lD98yjk