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Nexus 5 models 820 and 821: What's the difference?

Just like in many cases, the Nexus 5 isn't one but rather two different phones — the D820 and D821. The former is made for use in North America, the latter in the rest of the world. While this isn't nearly as confusing as some phones, there are still a couple of differences between the two models. Externally both models are the exact same — the case, buttons, camera and design are indistinguishable. You have the same options of storage and colors as well, which is great.On the inside, things are almost identical. You'll find the same spec sheet for the screen, processor, RAM, sensors, Wifi and everything else. All indications are that both the

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01 Nov
Droid @Droid
Nexus 5 models: What's different between the two http://t.co/32Em2RVcos via @androidcentral #Android
01 Nov
Android Central @androidcentral
Nexus 5 models: What's different between the two http://t.co/W5TjyydENs #android