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Making the Case for Better Document Management on iOS

For my birthday two years ago, I treated myself to an 11-inch MacBook Air. I bought it with the intention of using it mainly as a writing machine away from home, for my blog and for school. It was (and still is) a terrific little dynamo of a computer, but I eventually grew tired of the burden of managing multiple Macs. Thus, I decided to bequeath the Air to my sister, and committed myself to using my iPad 3 as my "laptop". I adore working from my iPad, but there is one constant point of friction that at times makes me yearn for my old Air: managing files — in my case, text files — is a pain. It's a problem that certainly isn't insurmountable,

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06 Nov
iPhone Apps @hot_iphone_apps
How Apple could improve iCloud document management http://t.co/cN8l9efabv
06 Nov
AppJmp  @AppJmp
How Apple could improve iCloud document management: To open a document that's stored in iCloud from an iPhone ... http://t.co/w1AKQ0sMM9