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HP Chromebook 11 review

There's no shortage of Chrome OS devices out there to choose from, and save for the Chromebook Pixel they all pepper the lower end of the market. The Chromebook 11, a smaller (as in 11 inches) ARM-powered follow up to the larger Chromebook 14 from earlier this year, is yet another inexpensive Chromebook from HP and Google that builds on the same strategy as the devices before it.Put together a small and portable form factor, fill it with inexpensive components and sell it on the cheap — it's a recipe for topping the sales charts for a laptop on Amazon, but is it really a product to get excited about? No matter where you stand on the merits of

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11 Nov
Droid @Droid
HP Chromebook 11 review http://t.co/vb6Y3dN7lL via @androidcentral #Android