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Galaxy Gear Integrates Fitness Apps, Competes With Trackers


The fitness applications available on today's announced Galaxy Gear can turn the smartwatch into a fitness tracker.The Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch that connects with Samsung's Galaxy devices, will feature over 70 compatible applications, including some popular fitness apps.MyFitnessPal, an application that tracks nutrition and exercise to help users achieve fitness goals, comes pre-loaded on the Galaxy Gear. Many of the features smartphone users are accustomed to will also be available on the smartwatch, including monitoring calories; diet and exercise; tracking activity and scanning a food item’s barcode to automatically log the nutritional information.

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04 Sep
ReadWrite @RWW
The Galaxy Gear will include popular fitness mobile applications that may give fitness devices a run for their money. http://t.co/7JZEicV4PS
04 Sep
mobilepulse @mobilepulse
Galaxy Gear Integrates Fitness Apps, Competes With Trackers http://t.co/tXyyDjV5Sg