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Confessions of a Windows Phone User

Nokia Lumia 920

To own a Windows smartphone in Silicon Valley is to invite ridicule and pity. Every day I pull out the bright yellow Nokia (NOK) Lumia 920, and every day iPhone and Android types look at me with dismay. Why, they wonder, would I subject myself to an app wasteland? Why would anyone take the risk of a Blue Screen of Death interrupting their phone call? Why would anybody opt for the platonic ideal of unhip?Admittedly, there are times when I too doubt my choice. People with this Instagram (FB) thing, for example, seem to eat really beautiful stuff. And I want to eat beautiful stuff too. Uber is also way less cool when you have to order and follow

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15 Oct
Windows Phone @windowsphone
Confessions of a Windows Phone User http://t.co/aJanKCUfsO by @valleyhack