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Apple prepping iOS 7.0.3 for launch, says report

Apple pushed out iOS 7.0.2 late last week but version 7.0.3 is already being tested for release, at least according to blog site Boy Genius Report.Citing information from unidentified sources, BGR said on Tuesday that Apple has already seeded iOS 7.0.3 to employees and partners for final testing. The exact launch date is uncertain, but BGR said it believes the new version will roll out sometime next week.After releasing iOS 7 on September 18, Apple deployed iOS 7.0.1 for the iPhone 5C and 5S and 7.0.2 for all iOS 7 devices. The latest version fixes a bug that allowed someone to circumvent the lockscreen passcode.A YouTube video posted on Sunday

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01 Oct
RT @CNET: Report: Apple is prepping iOS 7.0.3 for a launch as early as next week http://t.co/QCD672LM8I