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Angry Birds Star Wars II Out Now!

SURPRISE!!! Rovio has released Angry Birds Star Wars II a day early! Speculation suggests that it is related to the release of iOS 7, but who knows for sure — and frankly, who cares?! We’ll talk more about system requirements further below, but for now, Angry Birds Star Wars II is available for iOS and Android via Google Play, with Windows 8 Phones coming soon.Let’s jump straight into the details. We’ll have a “first look” video soon, but we were caught off guard by the early release.More characters will be made available in later updates to the app, and some are only available by using TELEPODs or Character Swaps (more below). While we won’

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18 Sep
Angry Birds @AngryBirds
The amazing guys at @angrybirdnest have put together everything you need to know about #AngryBirdsStarWars2: http://t.co/ypPUTeIiem