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7 best Windows Phone indie games of November 2013

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The holidays are looming, and you know what that means: Long stretches of sweet, well-earned downtime to sit around and play. That’s why I’m especially excited about this month’s picks for the best new indie games on Windows Phone. While each month has its share of gems, this is an especially memorable crop. Take the first title in the list, Trouserheart, a game whose burly hero prances around in heart-patterned undies on a heroic quest to retrieve his pants. Enough said?You’ll find this and other great picks in the Store’s Next Big Thing collection. And, as always, let me know which of your favorite new games I left off the list. See you next

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07 Nov
Windows Phone @windowsphone
Become a burger baron, reclaim a king’s trousers, & more in our #WindowsPhone indie games collection http://t.co/mVdT9d5bAs