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Sony 'to release attachable smartphone lenses' - Telegraph

The company is planning to bring out lenses with built-in sensors, Bionz processors, Wi-Fi/NFC wireless connections and SD card slots, according to the site SonyAlphaRumours.com. The website published pictures of the devices, showing new DSC-QX10 and DCS-QX100 lenses attached to smartphones to turn them into higher-quality cameras. The lenses can be magnetically attached to either iOS or Android phones, according to the site. The rumoured devices will have no controls or screens, so users would have to zoom, focus and operate the lens through their phone screens. One of the devices is thought to be similar to the lens

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28 Aug
tomiahonen @tomiahonen
Sony serious in camera-end of smartphone races RT @textually Sony attachable smartphone lenses http://t.co/cvxr9Of0dr via @Telegraph
20 Aug
Telegraph Technology @TelegraphTech
Sony 'to release attachable smartphone lenses' http://t.co/fpQbezbZGa